Exotic wedding packing

In the summer of 2014, I discovered my new cherished interest, the wedding trousseau packing. 

India is known to host grand and lavish weddings and awesome decorations and amazing trousseau packing is an intricate part of it. I have a creative side to my personality and got interested to try out this art.

I have taken a professional course for wedding saree packing, suits packing, lehanga packing and baby shower platters but I decorate these trays only for hobby and to help out my friends.

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How to find your hosting service

A Content Management System (CMS) has powered the non-technical users to make a site of their own. It helps the users to manage the content on a website without the need of a developer as the content is separated from the presentation. Many a times the amateur users get confused and sometimes even forget about the hosting service. We need to contact the hosting service for annual renewals or any problems with our website. This document will help you to identify your hosting provider if you misplaced their contact information. Continue reading “How to find your hosting service”
Squarespace vs Wordpress

WordPress vs Squarespace – Which one is better? (Pros and Cons)

Posted on Feb 24th, 2017

If you have landed on this page thinking whether to choose WordPress or Squarespace – choose WordPress every time. WordPress powers 27% of all websites on the web, while Squarespace only hosts 1.2 million websites. WordPress is available as both hosted and self-hosted platform, but Squarespace is only available as a hosted version. WordPress vs Squarespace – find out which is better

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All the Top Managed WordPress Hosts Compared

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Solutions

Posted on September 12, 2016

If you are looking for a good WordPress hosting platform, the main requirement is secure and fast-loading websites.  We will look specifically at  handpicked selection of robust managed WordPress hosting solutions.

Specialized WordPress hosts are often at a higher cost than your basic shared hosts – however, they provide premium features, and are optimized specifically for WordPress. We recommend using a managed host for your business, and there are several good managed hosts out there to choose from.

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