How to find your hosting service

A Content Management System (CMS) has powered the non-technical users to make a site of their own. It helps the users to manage the content on a website without the need of a developer as the content is separated from the presentation. Many a times the amateur users get confused and sometimes even forget about the hosting service. We need to contact the hosting service for annual renewals or any problems with our website. This document will help you to identify your hosting provider if you misplaced their contact information. You may want to contact your hosting provider in case of following issues-
  • You forgot your login credentials, username and passwords
  • There is some technical problem with the website
  • Stop the automatic annual renewals
  • Renew an expired domain or ask for refunds

Identify your hosting provider

Go to Navigate to This website allows you to query databases which store the details about that domain’s hosting provider.

Search for your domain name Enter your website’s domain name (eg. in the box provided and click the search button.

Domain Information Your domain information is listed here. Registrar– A domain name registrar is an organization that manages the reservation of Internet domain names. Registration Date– The date on which the domain was registered Expiration Date– The date on which the domain will expire Name Servers- Nameservers “point” your domain name to the company that controls its DNS settings. Usually, this will be the company where you registered the domain name. However, if your website is hosted by another company, sometimes you’ll need to use their nameservers.

Other services which help you identify your DNS provider

There are many more options available to find out about the hosting nameservers. I have tried and tested the links included in this article and have found them to be correct every time.

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