On a path to a8c

  • My Dream Company – Automattic
  • My Dream Position –  Happiness Engineer

Howdy hiring team! This is in continuation of my brief cover letter for the job application for the happiness engineer role.

To start with, I have improved a lot during the last 4 months and gained a lot of insight about WordPress.com. The Automattic’s creed has been my friend during this journey, guiding me and motivating me.

I will never stop learning

Areas Improved

I have improved and honed my technical skills which have helped me understand the user queries and provide a better solution to users on WordPress.com support forums.

Support documentation

I have learned a lot about WordPress.com in the last 4 months. WordPress support has been a lot of help in this journey.


Gaining insight about Jetpack has helped me a lot to understand the working of WordPress.com. It has helped me understand where to look for information when I am in doubt.

Domain & DNS

This is one of the main areas in which I have improved. I am able to help users with domain mapping, domain transfers and other domain related issues.


I have taken a few SEO courses and added to my existing knowledge of SEO. This would help me to give better advice to users on how to build traffic to their site.


I have taken advanced CSS courses from Mozilla which has helped improved my CSS knowledge. I am able to help more users with CSS issues in the forums.


Setting up WooCommerce on the self-hosted website and my local installation has helped me gain confidence to set up a store and I have also gained experience in troubleshooting WooCommerce issues.

Customer Support Philosophy

In think we should implement a customer support philosophy which puts the customer first, empowering the team to do their greatest work (no pre-written scripts) and keep the customer front of mind at all times. Customer service philosophy should encompass seamless self-service support and amazing, personalized two-way support when the customers require it. Alongside traditional support channels such as email and social media, customers crave self-help content and we should be able to solve any customer service issues without the customer needing to reach out.


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Big Thanks to you Yashitamittal.. it worked out fine. Thread: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/customize-arcane-header-layout/


Thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter.

WordPress.com username – @yashitamittal11